Clubmate badge

Clubmate badge

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New items in the GFC Accessory series!✶

Sparkling amulet motif badge.

May our individuality be enhanced by adding them to our usual fashion.

Material: brass Width: 19mm Height: 21mm

The badge that represents GFC is an insignia as a clubmate.

means to ward off evil Hexagram May the hexagram be our talisman. May the hexagram be our talisman.

The collar of your clothing, Your everyday bag, your favorite sneakers, etc.

We created this motif badge in the hope that incorporating it into your everyday coordination will enhance your individuality.

The soft brass material is used to express the rounded design.

This is a great lineup to collect as a child.

The size is 19 mm wide and 21 mm high.

The perfect size to coordinate with your favorite motifs.

A motif badge with the image of a medal.

It is also recommended as a gift to express a little gratitude.


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