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A specially formulated vegan soap that protects us from skin problems

Only natural ingredients are slowly aged for more than 500 hours using the cold process method.

Rich in natural glycerin and excellent moisturizing properties!

The soap's symbolic fragrance is a blend of essential oils based on Palo Santo, a popular aromatic tree used in purification rituals.

The natural power of plants supports skin health🤝🌏

Simply placing it in the bathroom will gently spread its woody, milky fragrance.

Why not make bath time an important healing ritual before rest? 🪶 🛌🌛

● Soap 100g
● Hexagram charm (with DL code for the original song)
● Foil-stamped BOX

In our hectic lives, bath time is a time when we can always be alone.

We want to create items that will deeply heal you and help you live for tomorrow.

This vegan soap was born from such a desire.

It is filled with the special care that makes us happy.

☑️The fragrance uses only natural essential oils

The Mary Collection uses an original blend of fragrances created by perfumer Yoko Yamafuji (SCENT OF YORK.), centered on the popular "Palo Santo" essential oil.

Just by placing the product in the bathroom, it has a bath fragrance effect, gently scenting the bath area.

☑️ contains a large amount of essential oil from the popular fragrant tree "Palo Santo"!

There have been many legends about essential oils since ancient times. It is believed that essential oils, of which only a small amount is refined from each flower and leaf, contain the power of great plants.

Palo Santo, a popular fragrant tree, is said to stimulate the imagination and relieve stress and anxiety.

The soap is designed to provide SELF LOVE care that allows you to reflect on your true feelings in the personal space of bath time.

☑️The materials used are only natural oils. 🪔

This highly moisturizing soap is made by Marubishi Soap, a company with 67 years of experience in handmade soaps, using the cold process method.

It can be used for the entire body and face. 👶🦵✨

If you have only used body soap or facial cleansing foam, we hope you will be enchanted by the moisturizing power of the cold process process method. 🧼☁️

☑️All additive-free! (Free of artificial fragrance, preservatives, parabens, surfactants, etc.)

The result is good for us and good for the earth. 🌍

☑️The retro paper is packed in a luxurious box, perfect for gift-giving! 🤍

The beautiful exclusive box, fully printed with the Mary collection's floral pattern and foiled with a hexagram, which is meant to ward off evil spirits, is the perfect gift for yourself or for a dear friend.

After using the soap, you can remove the separator inside and use it as a small accessory case.

Please use it to store accessories and other items for your interior 🛋🎀.

If an item is damaged, stained, or different from your order, please contact us within 7 days of delivery. We will immediately return or exchange the product. For details, please see LEGAL INFORMATION.
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