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"Drink your good luck charm " GIRLS FIGHT TEA debuts a new flavor inspired by Mary 🕯️🌙Honeybush meets lavender tea, dedicated to the important ritual before going to sleep. The tea base is of course caffeine-free. The base of the tea is, of course, caffeine-free, with a sweet honeybush aroma. The essential oil power🍯🔮✶ of lavender essential oil, which has a relaxing effect, relaxes the mind, and the essential oil of cypress, a sacred tree, calms the spirit. Finally, grapefruit harmonizes and the bright, positive mood invites you to look forward to tomorrow.
This blend is delicious even on a hot day with its soothing aroma spreading through the iced tea. 🧊

●TEA 2g x 10pack
●Special mini book filled with essays and spells
●BOOK type BOX

Our days are hectic.

The quiet time before bed is an important time when we can face our true voice.

GIRLS FIGHT TEA "Mary" was born out of the desire to create a drink that would gently accompany us during our night routine.

The theme of this drink is "Good Night Charm".

Writing a diary, making plans, praising yourself for a good day's work...what kind of nighttime rituals do you have?

Please let this tea support you in creating a wonderful night time. ✶

☑️ is based on caffeine-free "Honeybush" 🫖

The honey-like aroma spreads in your mouth and gives you a gentle feeling.

Not only is it caffeine-free, but it is also rich in various minerals such as vitamin C, magnesium, zinc, iron, and calcium.

It is also effective as a tonic, immunity booster, and recovery from fatigue. 🪄

☑️ plenty of power💎🌙 of original essential oil blends

Lavender essential oil has an excellent relaxing effect.

Cypress essential oil that calms and soothes.

Blended with grapefruit essential oil to brighten your mood.

The soothing aroma will make your daily life a beautiful time.

☑️ tea is blended by Uf-fu tokyo🫖.

Uf-fu tokyo has been running a specialty tea store in Ashiya for over 20 years.

Mr. Yasuhiro Onishi, the representative of Uf-fu tokyo, who travels around the world to select only the finest tea leaves, personally blended the tea for us.

A special flavor for our evening.

This blend is delicious as iced tea on a hot day. Please visit our website for more information.

☑️Includes a mini book filled with special essays

・Essay on Night Routine

・A "My own personal spell" from a clubmate.

・A bedtime playlist "Girlish Night✶" by artist "Somewhere" Saku

and a bedtime playlist "Girlish Night✶" by artist "Somewhere" Saku.

GFC designer Azusa Kurihara designed the pages with a playful spirit.

We hope you will experience that feeling of being excited about a new tomorrow when you were a child.

☑️Book-like box design

The box is the same size as a paperback book and fits in well with the interior.
Please enjoy each flavor as you enjoy each girl's story.

☑️ series items are also available

GIRLS FIGHT TEA "Eve" is a rooibos meets mandarin tea🍊.
This flavor is inspired by the curious girl "Eve" and will keep you energized in the morning.

Click here for GIRLS FIGHT TEA "Eve" page📖🍊🐇 

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