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These pajamas are made of waffle fabric with a luxurious all-over print of Mary's floral pattern.

Short length tops with BIG collars are the charm.

The pants are bell-bottom style with a wide hem for a style-enhancing effect.

The set includes a hair band of the same material and a hexagram-shaped charm.

●Size 1 (one size fits all)
 Length 50cm, Body width 54cm, Shoulder width 40cm, Sleeve length 57cm

 Waist 63cm, Hip 92cm, Arm 28.5cm, Inseam 71cm

●Size 2 (extra free size)
This is a larger free size recommended for people over 170cm in height.
 Length 60cm, Body width 62cm, Shoulder width 45.5cm, Sleeve length 62cm

 Waist 69cm, Hip 101cm, Waist 31cm, Inseam 75cm

●GIRLS FIGHT PAJAMAS mini book with the story of GIRLS FIGHT PAJAMAS

●Hexagram charm (with song DL code)

●Original special wrapping

Dreaming pajamas that make us the star of the show✶

Life doesn't always go well.

I want to have time to relax at night and love myself! and love myself.

This garish pajama set was created with that in mind.

We have packed it with the best of our attention to detail.

Short length top with symbolic big collar.

Shoulders and cuffs are finished with fullness.

The bottoms have a bell-bottom silhouette that spreads out at the hem for a slender look and a leg-lengthening effect, as well as an outstanding style-up effect.

There are three ribbons at the hem.

The set also includes a hair band made of the same material.

For a comfortable night's sleep, we selected a luxurious waffle fabric made of 100% fine cotton.

The waffle fabric also absorbs moisture well, and the uneven surface texture prevents stickiness, helping you sleep comfortably.

It can be worn to a neighborhood outing or a pajama party.

You can enjoy it in a variety of situations, including incorporating it into your fashion with just the top and bottoms.

We are also waiting for your clubmate's dressing report. ✶

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Featured in the March issue of "bis". Yuki Yoda of Nogizaka46 wears it.

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