Eve Souvenir Scarf

Eve Souvenir Scarf

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A large scarf with a floral pattern by Eve is now available!

Scarves can be used not only as a fashion item but also in various ways depending on your ingenuity.

Why don't you incorporate them into your daily life?

⚫︎Size Free(length 67cm x width 67cm)
⚫︎Material 100% polyester

This scarf is soft to the touch and ideal for regulating temperature.

A convenient item that can be wrapped around the head to keep out the sun or around the neck to keep out the cold.

The polyester prevents wrinkles even if it is hidden in a bag.

It is smooth and pleasant to the touch.

The large size allows for a variety of uses!

Attach it to the handle of your bag, tie a ribbon around your ponytail, put it over small items in your room as a blindfold... Please enjoy it with your own ideas.

GIRLS FIGHT CLUB logo wrapped around the edge

The GIRLS FIGHT CLUB logo wrapped around the edge of the scarf adds an accent to the design!

The item is delivered in an original souvenir bag!

Items will be delivered in a souvenir bag from "Rabbit hole Souvenir Shop", a fictional souvenir store that Eve visited!

The set also includes an engraved charm with a song DL code and a receipt filled with an essay.🧾♡♡

If an item is damaged, stained, or different from your order, please contact us within 7 days of delivery. We will immediately return or exchange the product. For details, please see LEGAL INFORMATION.
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