Message ring "Love"

Message ring "Love"

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We have completed the second version of our popular ring item. This time around, we have added more power! We have trapped our important motifs such as ribbons, hearts, flowers, and LOVE into the rings. We have selected motifs and sizes so that you can enjoy various combinations. A little garish in your daily life. May it be a daily companion for your club mates.

Size:11 (size cannot be changed)
Color:Gold,Silver,Matte Silver

⚠️ fork ring, but because of the thick design of the ring itself, it cannot be adjusted in size. Even if the size does not fit, please do not force the ring to be deformed.
This ring is a straightforward expression of a message to be cherished in letters.

The one thing we always want to have in our hearts is love.

To remind us of love in the midst of our busy lives of work, play and love, we have made the word "LOVE" into a ring💌

The "LOVE" ring is designed to be both luxurious and kitschy cute.

Even if we are busy, we don't want to forget to tell and feel love.

This ring is an amulet ring for us to remind us of our love at a moment's notice.

The GFC logo is hidden on the back of the ring✧

Available in gold, silver, and matte silver.

Three colors are available to choose from according to your preference and skin comfort.

In addition to the standard glossy gold and silver for the GFC ring, a new matte silver color is also available!

Wear the same design in different colors, or combine rings of different variations for a cute look💫

Choose the perfect color for your current mood.

Message ring "Love" is not adjustable for size due to its thickness. ⚠️

Please enjoy the cuteness of the chubby ring. ♡♡♡♡

Delivered in GFC's original ring box.

The box has a luxurious feel, with a hexagram and logo stamped in foil on the rough textured material.☽

It is a perfect gift for those who love garish!

If an item is damaged, stained, or different from your order, please contact us within 7 days of delivery. We will immediately return or exchange the product. For details, please see LEGAL INFORMATION.
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