Romantic Casual Pullover

Romantic Casual Pullover

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This pullover, named "The beginning of romance," takes us to an extraordinary place from the moment we put on its sleeves.

Cute and brave.

A wardrobe that will make you light on your feet.

●Size: Free
Material: 100% cotton
 Length 41.5cm, Body width 53.0cm, Shoulder width 41.0cm, Sleeve length 60.0cm

We want to be active while having fun in a garish way.

This is the perfect pullover for those of us who want to be active while having fun in a garish way.

It is made of a sweatshirt material that is filled with garish details and can be enjoyed for daily active use.

The firm fabric creates a taut silhouette that is both cute and cool.

Collar large enough to overhang the shoulders.

Voluminous puff sleeves.

Long ribbed cuffs create a beautiful silhouette that will straighten your back.

The short length is a particular feature that enhances the style.

The silhouette of the entire coordination is finished beautifully one rank.

The ribbon at the chest is detachable.

Tie it into a ponytail or wear it like a choker...enjoy your own ideas.

Available in three colors: white, gray, and black.

We have prepared basic colors that match the individuality of each of us.

You can match it with a variety of coordinates.


The black color is easy to match with any scene or item!

The gap between the garish silhouette and the mature coloring is appealing.

Whenever you are in need of styling, it will always work.

2. white

This stylish white color is not off-white, but a pure white color.

When matched with pleats, it has a fresh and uncomfortable feeling that it is not made of shirt material, even though it has a collar.

It is sure to go well with a jumper skirt.

3. gray

A deep, cool gray.

It can be worn with a variety of colored items.

It is a moderate color that gives a sense of ease to a voluminous monochrome coordinate.

The beginning of romance" pullover has a different charm in every color.

We hope it will be a special piece of clothing that brings out your extraordinary spirit.

If the item is damaged, stained, or different from your order, please contact us within 7 days of delivery. We will immediately return or exchange the product. Please see LEGAL INFORMATION for details.
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